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Volunteering at the Lake Country Food Bank can be both challenging and rewarding. We are always in need of volunteers, and are excited that you are considering a volunteer position with us. 

There are a variety of volunteer positions ranging from greeting and registering our clients at the front desk, working with the clients to determine their hamper needs, filling the hamper orders, drivers, shelf stocking, food packaging and so much more. Food recovery volunteers are necessary 6 days a week for food pickup and sorting.


If you would like to volunteer with the Lake Country Food Bank, please fill out the information form below and we will contact you to schedule an orientation session.  Please be aware all volunteers must have a criminal record check done before volunteering. This is an on-line process at no cost to the volunteer.

Volunteer Information Form
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I am available on the following days:
I am available at the following times:
Areas of Interest - Check all that apply.

Oath of Confidentiality and Release from Liability *

I understand that the nature of the Lake Country Food Assistance Society (Lake Country Food Bank) requires complete confidentiality and I promise under oath that I will keep confidential any information I encounter during the course of my volunteer work with the program, including information about the clients, staff, Board Members and the Lake Country Food Assistance Society (Lake Country Food Bank) in general; I hereby release the Lake Country Food Assistance Society (Lake Country Food Bank), its staff, Board members, Directors from any and all liability and/or responsibility for any accidents or injuries that I may sustain while I am performing the duties of a volunteer. I acknowledge that my agreement to these terms does not nullify my inclusion in the "accident insurance coverage" that the Food Bank Subscribes to; I further understand that as a volunteer, I am NOT covered under Workers Compensation and; I agree to submit to a criminal record check upon request and that all information supplied on this form is accurate. By clicking the check box below, I am agreeing to all the terms as set forth above.

Thanks for your interest in volunteering with The Lake Country Food Bank!We'll review your information and get back to you soon.

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